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Northern Michigan University Figure Skating Club

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The Constitution and Bylaws of the Northern Michigan University Figure Skating Club

Article I. - Name


The official name of the club will be Northern Michigan University Figure Skating Club.  For the purposes of this constitution and bylaws, the Northern Michigan University Figure Skating Club will be referred to as the NMUFSC and Northern Michigan University will be referred to as NMU.



Article II. - Purpose     


The objective of our organization is to (a) further the advancement of collegiate figure skating, (b) to compete collegiately as a recognized member of the NMU Sport Club Association (SCA), and (c) to assist students in developing further skills and leadership.

It is the goal of the NMUFSC to give all members an equal amount of participation in competitions, exhibitions, and other activities.



Article III. - Membership


Any student regularly enrolled at NMU who maintains a minimum GPA of 2.0 may become a member of the NMUFSC with voting and office holding privileges.  All students will be required to become members of the Marquette Figure Skating Club as well as the NMUFSC, and hold a current NMU student recreation membership.  In accordance with the rules of U.S. Figure Skating, any competitive member must be a full-time student enrolled in at least twelve credits. 


All members shall become familiar with and follow procedures, guidelines, and rules as stated in the SCA handbook and USFSA rulebook.


To be considered a member in good standing, the member must maintain a GPA of 2.0, be a full-time student, hold a membership of both the NMUFSC and MFSC, hold a student recreation membership, have no outstanding debts with the NMUFSC or any affiliated organizations, and be present at any practices deemed mandatory by the board.  All members must participate in fundraisers.


In accordance with the NMUSCA handbook, the NMUFSC will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or handicap.



Article IV. Board of Directors


All board members must be registered members of the NMUFSC in good standing.  Positions available annually will be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three general board members.  Any interested members shall declare their intent by April 1st.  Elections will be held during the April meeting for the upcoming season for all positions with the exception of one general board member.  This position will be left open until the fall of the following year for an incoming Freshman or a Sophomore new to the NMUFSC.  If no Freshman or new Sophomore chooses to be a representative on the board, an election will be held to fill the position.


Any officer may be removed from office by a 2/3 majority vote of the NMUFSC membership, on the grounds of failure to perform their duties at an acceptable level.  In the case of an open position, either by removal of an officer or resignation of an officer, the election procedures shall be followed.


(A) The President shall preside over all club meetings, make sure the NMUFSC         has all required paperwork and forms completed and turned in to the correct persons on time.  Copies of all forms should be kept in the NMUFSC office. The President shall also be the NMUFSC representative for the SCA, and follow all guidelines set forth by the SCA. 

(B)  The Vice-President shall preside over the office of the President when the President is absent.  He or she will be in charge of all membership; rosters, USFSA membership forms, and club registrations.  Copies of all membership forms shall be kept in the NMUFSC office.  He or she shall also be responsible for all competitions; paperwork, organization, and travel plans.  The Vice-President shall also serve as the assistant representative for the SCA.

(C)  The Secretary shall be responsible for the meeting minutes and keep copies of all minutes in the NMUFSC office.  He or she is also responsible for general correspondence of the NMUFSC with its members.  The secretary shall also be the Public Relations Chair, and facilitate positive exposure of the club through all forms of media.

(D)  The Treasurer shall supervise financial administration of all revenue in the external club account, containing club dues and entry fees.  He or she shall also manage the SCA Development Fund Donation Account and the Allocation Account and report financial conditions to the board.  Copies of monthly statements shall be kept in the NMUFSC office.  The Treasurer shall prepare an annual budget report for the April meeting.

(E)   Three general board members; two returning members and one incoming Freshman or Sophomore new to the NMUFSC, with no appointed duties.  These members shall attend the bi-monthly meetings and vote along with the officers.  Any elected general board member may also choose to be the Chair of any committee deemed necessary by the board such as fundraising, apparel, sponsorship, exhibitions, etc.


All officers shall perform other duties that arise during each season, as decided upon by the NMUFSC board.





Article V. Meetings


Board meetings will be held the first and third Friday of each month throughout the season, or as decided upon by the president.  As needed, the president or at least 3 voting members may call meetings in excess to the board meetings once a month.  Board meetings shall be open for attendance to all club members.  All members must vote for officers, board members, and amendments to the constitution either at the meeting, or by proxy.  The board of directors shall vote on all other matters.  A quorum of at least four board members and the President must be present in order to vote on any matter.  The President will vote only in the case of a tie.



Article VI. Finances


Membership dues shall be determined each year by the Board of Directors.  All dues are non-refundable and need to be paid by the time the finalized roster is submitted.  Additional ice may be added during the season, and decided upon by the board with recommendations from the general membership.


The NMUFSC checking account shall be accessible only by the Treasurer, President, and faculty/staff advisor.


All procedures required for financial assistance from the SCA shall be followed.  The NMUFSC may request funding for travel expenses, entry fees, awards, uniforms or warm-up outfits, promotional items, and other items as approved by the SCA staff, as stated by the SCA handbook.



Article VII. Advisors


The NMUFSC may have one advisor from the faculty/staff of NMU.  The NMUFSC may also have one advisor from the community, knowledgeable in the aspects of figure skating.



Article VIII. Competitions


In the event that a decision has to be made to determine which skaters will be assigned to team maneuver elements and/or freestyle, short program, or dance events, the figure skating affiliated advisor and/or other skating coaches, determined by the team, will make the decision in a try-out situation.  All skaters shall have an equal amount of participation in desired events.


All members of the team shall follow rules set forth by the SCA regarding team conduct at competitions.  All members shall understand the consequences of broken rules set forth by the SCA handbook.

IX. Team Apparel


All NMUFSC team apparel is optional.  It is recommended that all team members purchase a club jacket, but not mandatory.  All members competing in team maneuver events or skating in the Marquette Figure Skating Club annual ice show must purchase a team dress.  For non-competitive members or those not participating in the ice show, team dresses are not mandatory. 



X. Emergency Procedures


It is required by the SCA that two members of the NMUFSC be certified in First Aid and CPR. 


In the case of an injury or emergency call the appropriate persons and take the necessary precautions.  Fill out an injury report and return to the SCA office within 24 hours if needed.




XI. Amendments


An amendment may be proposed by any member in good standing.  This proposed amendment must be made in writing and presented at a regular meeting.  A vote on said amendment will be taken at the next regular meeting to allow membership to discuss and/or debate the pros and cons of the amendment.  A two-thirds majority of the voting membership is required for passage. 


If an amendment is passed, it shall be added to the current constitution.  A copy of the revised constitution must be put in the NMUFSC office and another must be given to the SCA office.


Constitution and Bylaws approved December 3, 2001 by two-thirds majority vote.



Amendment to Article IV. Board of Directors


The Synchronized Skating Captain shall serve as a second Vice-President on the Board of Directors.  He or she will be responsible for creating and updating the synchronized skating roster.  The Captain shall also be in charge of competition registrations and travel plans for all competitions designated specifically as synchronized skating competitions.


Amendment approved September 13, 2002 by two-thirds majority vote.